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Pride and Prejudice by 7 year old Rachel

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen        Elizabeth is the most important character in the story. Elizabeth assumed Darcy was not good for her. Then she found out he was great for her. If you like romance, this is the perfect book for you. I loved the book. I would give it a nine out … Continue reading

who are my kids? my little women, and little man
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who are my kids? my little women, and little man

The days are long, still the years are short. A three day twelfth birthday extravaganza has nearly done me in. I’ll need some downtime. But some days are long, still the years are short. Make the memories live large, and this birthday they were large. Madelyn and I planned the details for weeks. We printed … Continue reading

homeschool planning

self-diagnosed unschooling schizophrenic

“Unschooling” has become a term of endearment for me. Not a word to be feared. Not a statement word. Just a letting go of all previous expectations of what and how my children are to be educated. John Holt wooed me easily into his quiet freedom-thinking approach. Why wouldn’t I want to find a way … Continue reading


to be or not to be…what other people want you to be

It’s Spring Break for the school kids in our part of the world. So when the flooring guy came to fix a tile yesterday, he couldn’t resist expressing concern that the kids were doing work on their holiday. His intention seemed kind-hearted. He wasn’t the curmudgeonly sort in the grocery store yelping, you should put … Continue reading

family life

an Irish blessing

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we five took our celebrating to the local museum. We must celebrate our Irish heritage somehow (I think we have some Irish in there somewhere—might explain my love of mashed potatoes and Baileys). The girls volunteered to help with the party for the three to five year old attendees. … Continue reading

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Great Expectations: My Life in Fairy Tales

The fairytale of the little girls in the white dresses, living happily ever after, well, I’m still searching for that. I’ve learned that little girls in lacy white dresses get dirty. And that mom does a lot of laundry. It’s been my experience that parenting is like that: at times, the fantasy fades. In the … Continue reading