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the downside

They occasionally bow to me–those non-home educating moms that, in shock, discover I home educate my children. Whether it’s instant disbelief, I don’t know, but it’s happened more than a few times. And I’m sure there are those other non-home educating moms that think, she is NUTS. They wouldn’t think to bow.

They might think I’m nuts because….

1. The kitchen floor never stays clean,

2. I get to see a lot more arguing and gnattering,

3. I get to see my ugly side more often,

4. I don’t get to be in my home alone, let alone the bathroom…

5. The bathroom always looks like a college dorm,

6. I own too many books and they are everywhere, and

7. I spend my waking hours relearning math concepts.

Would the non-home educating mom be right? Yuppers. She’s bang on.


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