home educating planning

things no one told you would cost you money when beginning home educating

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You knew it would cost to clothe your baby in the cutest fashions. Every truly loved baby must be dressed in Gap right? Every child in the latest colour, latest fad, I mean fashion? Then there’s the cradle, the mommy wrap, the reusable floral diapers, the Fisher Price Little People, the Lego, the Barbies, the…. you fill in the blank.

But did anyone tell you of the extra expenses a home educating family incurs?

No, it isn’t books. Well it doesn’t have to be books. You can find those at the library.

No, it’s not the extracurricular paraphernalia for the extra extracurricular activities for all that extra time we have on our hands.

Rather, it’s the ….

1. increased time in the kitchen, so many more glasses get broken…

2. and the kitchen tiles that get broken along with the glasses…

3. oh and the plates don’t want to be forgotten…

4. there are the books that fall behind beds, get lost, get ripped, get written on by toddlers, get chewed by the imaginary dog,

5. carpet wear and tear increases,

6. iPods get dipped into cups of tea (oh wait, that was feverish me)…

7. there are repeat trips to the pencil store, when in reality, I should be checking under the sofa cushions…

8. more clothing wear and tear because they get thrown into the laundry three times a day–why hang it up when mom can wash it?

9. a freezer that gets unplugged, and it’s hundreds of dollars of game meat defrosted, because someone was playing house behind and it was too loud…

10. the minivan smashed because we were parked at a public park during school hours when a teenager was skipping school and quickly made his exit…

11. oh and then today, the four year old who finds the minivan keys, turns the ignition and flips it into reverse to make his exit, instead breaking the white picket fence…hopefully not a metaphor for his future…

If I calculate the incurred expenses…well, I won’t torture myself any longer, I’ll think of it as a long-term investment…since there won’t be any in the bank.

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