our chief want, encouragement

155Nothing like new food for thought, a fourteen hour energy drink to reawaken the system. Two days of conference speakers solidifying reasons to continue home educating, engaging new ideas for studies and discovering better ways in approaching the children. Energizing, clarifying, streamlining, simplifying.

At the foundation, I heard an affirming message of the value of a home educating parent, hearing someone else say what I already knew: that it is a thankless, tiring, exhausting, demanding job. Yet without gratitude, the show must go on. And the hard work is worth the effort.

I also heard that our home educating vision begins with knowing who you are and what you’re family is all about. The subsequent goals for your children’s education will materialize based on that vision.

Are we a musical family? Are we a family of encouragement? A family of service acts? The goals might not be talents, they might not be life goals, rather they might be centered on a worldview. Loving God and loving others is a repeated mantra in my daily meditations…

The word encourage has been a significant one for my life, both in desiring it for myself and coming to understand that others need it profoundly too…whether they’re people I know or people I don’t. I can encourage my children in their interests, in discovering their curiosities. I encourage my children to be kind, and more slowly learning that the ultimate lesson in kindness is being it to them. I can encourage my little women and little man to become the people they were born into the world to become.

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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