home educating: a privilege of a developed country

Yesterday, the homeschool co-op kids and I were discussing what a developing country means, what poverty looks like in the developing world, and all things Africa. Our two month adventure to Kenya last May provided me much mental fodder: am I really thankful for all that I have and do I live fully and enjoy … Continue reading

personal story

the upside, written on a day I experienced the downside

All’s I got to say about today is, to quote a great musical: “We got trouble in River City…” Might be me, might be them, (okay, I’ll own it) definitely¬†both. Parenting does that for you, reveals the whole scary mess. Turns the nasty insides out and twists them around until you don’t look like yourself. … Continue reading

personal story

the downside

They occasionally bow to me–those non-home educating moms that, in shock, discover I home educate my children. Whether it’s instant disbelief, I don’t know, but it’s happened more than a few times. And I’m sure there are those other non-home educating moms that think, she is NUTS. They wouldn’t think to bow. They might think … Continue reading


the “S” word and other social unpleasantries I learned by grade 6

She passed me a note at her Art class: “you’re embarassing me”. When did I get to the age of embarassing my kids? What had I done anyway? I introduced myself to the new and uncomfortable¬†seven year old girl sitting next to my daughter. I was trying to put her at ease. Curiously, just before … Continue reading

family life

the passion of perusing pinterest, playing and other pleasures

It was a morning in early February where the thought of another routine-satisfied day of studies struck me as exciting as savouring the fragrance of a pulp mill. We’d put in our dues over the last few months studying sentence structure and tackling new math concepts. I needed a break. We all needed a break. … Continue reading

mama self care

thanks to God for the Easter Bunny, Lindt chocolate eggs and freedom

No matter what our spiritual heritage, an overarching freedom we have as home educating families is the freedom of expressing our ideas to our children. We may impart what we think about the world, our place in it, whether there is a God and our place before God, what our purpose is in life and … Continue reading