stuff they actually do

And then comes the curriculum choosing…

What is it you’re hoping the formal studies are going to accomplish in their grown-up lives? Teach them to communicate? Enable them to have math literacy? Be exposed to different places, historical figures, understand the worlds’ events? So many ways to answer those questions, if they’re important to you. You get to decide the questions and the answers.

That is the unique stamp of individual families. Each parent, each couple, chooses to imprint their offspring in different ways, whether they’re aware of it or not. They like different sports, or none. They prefer different entertainment possibilities: hike, watch movies, or camp. They choose to be part of a religious establishment, they commune in their local community, they have a family network. Everything we do imprints messages into our children’s lives.


No different with the bytes of knowledge we choose to present to them. My husband might prefer to discuss the provincial election every night. I would rather take them outside for a study of botany: dig for weed roots, name the flowers, understand the need for sun. My children might not prefer either; generally though, if their connection is happy with me, they find interests with me or dad somewhere. And they have their own interests too.

So then I borrow stuff, or buy it if I think it’ll be a keeper for more than one child. In the next blogs, I’ll share what’s been of interest to my children…