introducing Madelyn


She assumes she can do anything: If I asked her to build a rocket ship, she’d head to Google, willing to please. After an hour, she’d have a wrinkle above her nose and a tear in her eye, realizing that no matter how much she wants to please and how talented she is, she can’t do this today (no rocket ships, yet, but she can do almost everything else).

She follows directions: cooking with cookbooks, listening to the ideas of her parents, estimating times of arrival, deciding when mom should leave the house so she won’t be late. She’s got her math workbook finished before her siblings are awake and downstairs. She has her daytimer filled with plans for her physics class so she doesn’t miss a beat.

She has a zest for life: She makes a cheese soufflé with Julia Child verve, animating and dialoguing her way through her cooking show, and worked her way through that cookbook on her own blog. She wants to be a marine biologist, obstetrician, and when she’s done with that, a science teacher (and she’ll do cooking school in the evenings).

She has the work ethic of a medical resident. Her dad bought her a needle driver now that she’s sixteen and she’s been practicing her surgical stitches. She’s learning medical procedures on an app, until she finishes high school, then she’s off to start her science degree so she can work towards an actual medical program.

She puts her hand hard to the task, and doesn’t let up until it’s completed as expected. Her hard work and tenacity will pay one day…maybe in dollars, definitely in reputation, and certainly in achieving what she wants.

She is our Madelyn.