I am from the era when Apple wasn’t cool. Well, they started cool, but IBM quickly made its imprint and everyone owned an IBM product. There was a time too when fax machines were the “in” things. Do you remember Palm Pilots, or Blackberries? Okay, Blackberry would like you to remember that it is in your back pocket right now, but to me it is Apple that dominates my technological world.

There’s a lot of organization in that little orange rectangle. My life is organized there: many of my musical selections, my next book choices, some of my friends are in there, my writing ideas. It’s an organized person’s dream. Everything present at the flick of a finger.

Pinterest is an especially addictive pleasure. I’ll bet that magazine subscriptions have declined. Though I enjoy paper from books or magazines flipping through my fingers, I especially like pictures. Pretty pictures of things I choose to attach to my boards. Super fast collaging, minus the glue. They’re attached to information that I can use. How to furnish my home, how to fix the leaking outdoor hose, where to go when we’re in Italy. There’s a lot of useful stuff on there. It’s a popular representation of internet info. And in this era of information, everything in pretty picture presentation is most pleasing.

IMG_0654[1] IMG_0655[1]   IMG_0586[1]

It’s my Pinterest board of studies and summer fun that has added a creative flair to our children’s education though. It’s a free-flowing, moved-by-the-spirit, spontaneous kind of educational approach. Definitely fits within the unschooling way of life.

We take a look at the Pinterest board and decide what we want to do. Do we simply discuss the relative sizes of planets, prompted by a mini-poster of the planets? Do we build double helixes made of licorice and mini marshmallows? Do we make our own ice cream, plan a triathalon in the park, or prepare Father’s Day crafts? Never a dull moment. Creative possibilities for the un-creative.

I’ve checked the Roget’s College Thesaurus. There’s no definition for ‘pinschooling’. I see ‘pinup’, ‘pinnacle’, or ‘pinchhitter’. No pinschooling. I might have just started my own educational alternative.