the gift of belonging

“One day God says to the angels, “I have an idea. I am going to create the family”. An angel asks, “What is it?” “I am very excited about this idea,” God says. “Of course, I am excited about all my ideas. One of the great things about being God is you just never have … Continue reading

what we do

summer projects, programs and peacefulness

No worries that I won’t find something to do this summer: somehow spring cleaning turned into summer cleaning (and I suspect might turn into September cleaning if I don’t hurry up). The kitchen light has been shed of all spider webs, the picture frames taken off the wall, but I’m pretty sure the daily waterfall of … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

homeschool poker night goes to vegas

I’m sure somewhere out there is a homeschool poker night. Most of the homeschooling families I know are probably not part of it though. Are the two oxymorons? Well, not in our family. Not that we bet for any more than Smarties on a good night, or poker chips on a regular night. Smarties are … Continue reading

what we do

summer school

It was an unintended behavioural experiment. I have once again come to my unscientific conclusions. What I don’t provide my children at home: marimbas, of every size, shape, or number; I don’t lead a children’s choir (nor could I), I don’t have a drama club (though I probably could), and I don’t house two hundred children … Continue reading

what we do

summer daze

You know I must be in the thick of a 34 degree summer repose when my blog ideas aren’t quick to the tip of my brain. I am finally slowing down. Less concerned about a clean floor–how can one maintain that with little feet sloshing through sprinkled grass, flowerbeds, then the kitchen? Who wants to … Continue reading


Listen to the mustnt’s

I know that kids need boundaries. They can’t bite each other and write all over their bed covers. They can’t say things sarcastically and expect someone to eagerly listen to them. They can’t drink juice while they’re practicing piano or leave their guitar on the hallway floor. They might have an independent, orderly approach to their … Continue reading