fifteen minutes of fame, or possibly five

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“To the person who stole my bike, this might have meant $600 to you, but it meant freedom for me. Please return it.”

The poster got noticed by a local radio show host, Josh Page. It was a briefly written poster with a picture of Hannah’s new Norco 6 bike and a telephone number to reach her.

Hannah was intent on posting it on every bulletin board or telephone pole she could find. The afternoon she discovered it stolen, she took her sisters and canvassed the neighbourhood…her four year old brother toted along for the sympathy card. She asked if anyone had seen the bike and if they did to please let her know. She did this for a few days, satisfied when she’d reached the top of Battle, the bottom of Nicola.

We watched Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist in hopes that someone might be selling it on-line. Then we went to the local police station and reported it. Did I think we’d see it again? Of course not.

Just two days after we’d reported it, we walked a couple blocks to the farmer’s market. Hannah recognized her bike locked to a pole in front of Zach’s Coffee. I checked the serial number as she was convinced this was her bike. Might look similar, I said, but not your serial number. We continued down the block.

When we arrived home an hour later, we had a call from Cst. Jeremy Rands. He’d been at the farmers market, seen the bike and had the already suspicious character stopped to check the bike. Sure enough, it was her bike!

We could hardly believe it. This was likely the bike we’d seen, but I checked the wrong number. Turns out there are a lot of numbers on bikes; some more important than others. Clearly, I am no detective.

So thankful, and surprised, she walked her bike back home….the victory walk. Neighbours were surprised to see her bike in hand. We’ll ensure bike locks are in use every night. And we’ll give thanks that this ‘field trip’ to the RCMP resulted in justice.

When Josh Page called, I was a little uncertain that the fellow on the other end of the line was indeed a radio show host, and not the thief looking for more trouble. I listened intently to the radio show. Indeed he was temporarily replacing the regular host. He brought with him a gigantic mic, a kind spirit, and interview questions. He asked, were you surprised that she would go to this effort to get her bike back? Nope, that indomitable spirit (aka stubbornness) that I’ve seen all these years has certainly rewarded her well!