a dedication to my children: listen to the mustn’ts

I know that kids need boundaries. They can’t bite each other and write all over their bed covers. They can’t say things sarcastically and expect someone to eagerly listen to them. They can’t drink juice while they’re practicing piano or leave their guitar on the hallway floor.

They might have an independent, orderly approach to their life, but they don’t have freedom to organize other’s lives around them. They won’t decide vacations or even necessarily influence meal plans. They won’t decide on their allowance or if they get an allowance.

They have limitations. They hear “no” endlessly. They have to rethink their natural inclinations constantly.

I believe they’ll learn through boundaries: how to deal with others, how to care for their things, how to do a lot of things. But I still want them to hear the message that they’re not entirely limited.

I wish them the world of possibilities. To that end, I dedicate this poem to my four:

“Listen to the mustn’ts child,

Listen to the don’ts,

Listen to the shouldn’ts,

The impossibles, the won’ts,

Listen to the never haves,

Then listen close to me,

Anything can happen, child,

Anything can be!

Rachel grow up and change the world
Madelyn change the world

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