this is the garden: time shall surely reap

An empty garden bed or a patch of unused lawn: these are my paint palettes. Oh, I’ve tried my hand at watercolours. I’m no Monet, though I actively collect his prints. I have tried pencil drawing, and will likely spend more time in this meditative art when my children require less of me. In an attempt … Continue reading

family life

summer break, or is it?

Why is it I’m in the thick of a sizzling summer, lakes surrounding our community, beaches minutes away, waterparks in abundance, that I still want to be doing this…. When we could spend our days leisurely pursuing this… Is it my deeply embedded desire to school year-round? Is it a deeply-seated anxiety that when the neighbours … Continue reading

family life

eat the rainbow

  Naturally my attempt at patenting my most recent discovery is already plastered all over the internet. I should have guessed it would be. Okay, I wasn’t really patenting something, just had an idea. I’d heard that we should teach the kids to eat from the rainbow. And though we’ve always insisted our kids eat … Continue reading

family life

uncle chris the clown

“Mom, is it Sursday?” Zach asks on the wrong Thursday. “Mom, it’s Sunday? Dats da day Uncle Chris is coming to the libwary“, he asks on Sunday. “Mom, is it Sursday?” he asks again the next Thursday. “Yup, we’re off to the library”, I can finally tell him. Zach’s been watching the calendar, or having me … Continue reading

family life

fifteen minutes of fame, or possibly five

“To the person who stole my bike, this might have meant $600 to you, but it meant freedom for me. Please return it.” The poster got noticed by a local radio show host, Josh Page. It was a briefly written poster with a picture of Hannah’s new Norco 6 bike and a telephone number to … Continue reading

family life

If I had my child to raise over again

Why is it that our children are always the most beautiful children in the world? I think my sister was tapping into the reason when she said: they are a combination of the people we think most beautiful in the world, ourselves and our spouse. Cocky though it sounds, especially written on paper, I think … Continue reading