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thoughts for those new to homeschooling

Amy from Saskatchewan has asked, “I have all the fears I suspect most moms have but also a sense of peace has replaced my sense of dread…Any tips via your blog are appreciated!” She’s taking her son Nathan, grade 4, from the system, and wants to know if I have any tips. And though I’d … Continue reading

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let your gentlessness be known, even to your children

“Let your gentleness be known to all, mom, even to your children“. Catherine Levinson Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I could stop the blog there if I was entirely cynical. In respect to character training, I have been the tiger mother. I have no time for unkindness from one child to the next. Will … Continue reading

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you know you’re a homeschooler

You know you’re a homeschool family when… …you’re reciting the Gettysburg address at the Pizza Hut …you’re waiting for someone’s piano lesson while trying to decide if the sky reveals cumulonimbus or stratus clouds …you throw a language CD in the van while you’re driving to pretty much anywhere, and call that second language study … Continue reading

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kindergarten rite of passage

I put her on the bus at the end of the block, went directly home to load the two girls and myself into the van and “follow that bus“. She bumped along on that green vinyl seat with a new friend. She checked out the first graders right behind her, the second graders behind them … Continue reading

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what mom learned this summer

When you’ve been at this home educating lifestyle long enough, you start to realize that too much downtime during summer fuels boredom and slothfulness, not relaxation and leisure. So the tendency to school all year, to be in a perpetual state of studies, seems to make a lot of sense. Fifteen minutes of math each day, continuing … Continue reading



  Have you tried Roll Kuchen with your summer watermelon? I won’t tout the dietary benefit of this white-floured, fried-in-dough, doughnut recipe. But I will boast of its flavourful addition at our household. As with all farm-based recipes, these are good eats. You’ll gather some waist-expanding, birthing-hipped abundance if you eat too much of it though … Continue reading