How I Know You’re Smarter Than You Think, Homeschool Mama

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.

A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh

You're smarter than you think, homeschool mama

What itty-bitty piece of knowledge out there can you not learn? What itty-bitty piece of knowledge out there can you not find someone to teach you? And who gets to decide what kind of itty-bitty knowledge is important enough to teach to your kiddos anyway?

I am certain, if you’re familiar with Google, know where your library is located, and that you are reading this page, you have enough knowledge to find the knowledge to guide your kiddos. “You are smarter than you think”.

You bore a child into the world. You might have thought you needed someone to show you how to do it, but your body knew how to do it. Fifteen hours of ‘prodromal labour’ they called it…I call it labour, cause it was hard work for the hours before 5 centimeters dilation, with or without epidurals! “You are stronger than you seem”.

You’ve chosen clothes out of style, because you’ve liked them. You’ve taken jobs others questioned. You’ve said ‘no’ to others when you knew they didn’t like it. You believed things that others said were ludicrous. You’ve done things others thought extreme. “You are braver than you believe”.

The cashier at Chapters commented that I had a diverse selection of books…a huge picture book of the periodic table, the latest discussion on the rise and fall of the American economy (my male counterpart’s choice), and a written history of mathematics (I can’t believe I bought that book either).

We are homeschoolers,” I acknowledged.

Ahhh,” in acknowledgement. “I don’t have kids but I would like to do that one day. I never hear about people doing that; what’s it like?”

Unguarded as always, I acknowledged, “Wonderful! The most freedom you can have with your children. And some days are hard“.

I’d really like to know more about that“.

Turns out I blog about it. And you can guess how I feel about it as I have titled it: capturingthecharmedlife“.

As any family living this life knows, I’m never going to capture the charmed life; with imperfect children, imperfect parents and life circumstances beyond my control, I get that I’m aspiring to a pipe-dream. But without idealism and hope, buy me a pipe-store, cause I’m sure gonna try.

So if you’re contemplating this lifestyle along with the Chapters cashier, I dedicate this to you:

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Homeschool Mama Self-Care: nurturing the nurturer

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