things I didn’t expect to do this summer

1. Visiting a winery with the kiddos…

I have always wanted to do a wine tour through this part of the world. British Columbia is known for its tasty grapes. Since my hubby was working, I wandered up the road to BC’s northernmost winery, Celista.

Swirl, sniff and swish, and down the hatch, these whites were abundant with flavour. The Gervurstraminer as tropical as anything German I’ve previously sampled…tropical AND German you question? Try it for yourself! The Ortega, a combination of … , pleasant and easily paired with spicy planks of Salmon, or something Mexican with heat. The final Rose she took from the fridge, she let me know I didn’t have to swallow, I could spit.

Indeed, I could. But I don’t like to waste…

IMG_1148[1] IMG_1140[1] IMG_1139[1]

2. Painting in the rain….

Officially the neighbours are wondering about me. It’s not just that I try to switch the sprinkler’s location in my pyjamas, or yell routinely at 10:30 Monday mornings, or water my lawn on the even days of the month… It’s not that unexpected visits on weekday mid-mornings during the school year, might find us half-clad in jammies, and the youngest in his birthday suit running with a spoon full of peanut butter.

A freak rainstorm, in semi-arid country, caught me off-guard and I was indeed painting the garden gate in the full blustering wind and rain. What is she thinking, I am CERTAIN they must have been thinking.

I had about a half cup of flat white on my tray, I didn’t want to waste…