still seizing summer, but autumns on my mind

I am finally relaxing into and enjoying the leisure of this temperate summer…


I insist I pull out my novel and that no one interrupts me…ha ha ha.

DSCN7193[1]I’ve clocked them at sixteen minutes of uninterrupted time–is that good or bad?

+20 days since May, +30 days since June, and we’ve peaked up to +38 somewhere since then. But it’s taken me nearly this long to relax out of one schedule and rest easy into another. Now I have to plan for the next season, that of autumn and studies.

I’ve been to the April conference, and bought up a frenzy of curriculum.

I’ve begun to sift through the books I bought last year, and the year before that, to see what else I can use from that stash.

I’ve listened to podcasts for the new homeschooler, for the old homeschooler, for the eccentric homeschooler (and eclectic).

I’ve researched websites, homeschool blogs, Pinterest boards to plan, plan, plan. And I’ve placed my order on Amazon.

Since summer doesn’t really disappear post-labour day, when most schooled students head back to their classes, I don’t plan to enforce my children into the confines of our study either. Far too much sun to enjoy in this part of Canada–and to think people assume we live in snow and igloos…I’ve never seen one, and I’ve been to the Arctic!

For us, studies will begin somewhere mid-October. Normally it would be mid or end September. When the school kids go back to school, our family is heading on a road trip. We’ll visit the Kooteney’s, then travel around South and upwards, visiting museums, mini-golf stops, licking up the last of summer’s cones, and frequenting 1970s motel pools. Ahhh, the tail end of sweet summer.

Till then, though, I’ll have to coordinate a little planning for the study months. Perhaps I can make something out of this…


So that they will once again, fall into autumn with as much anticipation as this…

May 2013 025

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