jokes my kids think are funny

IMG_2060[1]On this not-so-funny Monday, when my chiropractor has given me the award for tightest neck in his office, I thought I would inject some humour into your day, and possibly mine.

And for the sake of recording these cheesy memories into my world wide web of memory, I will share with you the frequented jokes in our home.

Funny, you ask? Depends if you read Chirp, Chickadee or Owl. If you do, you might roll your eyes in familiarity. Been there, heard that, over and over and over. If you’re not Chirp-dependant, you just might want to teach these to your kids…or not…ha ha ha.

1. “What did the teddy bear say after dinner?”

“I’m stuffed”.

2. “What did the grass say after it was seasick?”

“I’m so green”.

3. “What did the sand say to the sea?

“Nice to see you!”

4. “What did the comb say to the hair?”

“You’re so knotty”.

5. “What ball can’t bounce?”

“A snowball”.

6. “Where did the tiny flower to school?”


And last, but definitely my favourite…

7. “Why was the math book crying?”

“Because he had too many problems!”

What I found unintentionally funny, cause that’s usually the funniest, was, of all things…..this…..


Someone was listening to me!