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hexagonal happiness

We have four kids.  You might see us at piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon, curling class on Saturday morning, or voice on Thursday afternoons. You could see me with them at the local grocery, wandering the aisles once or twice a week. But any day, every day that we wander outside our yard, I hear: Are those … Continue reading

what we do

the home educating chemist

Mom, where are the matches? I heard it. I didn’t process it, but I know I heard it because I told her where they were. I was already helping her younger sister and brother try to build a rocket. To my right was another daughter trying to narrate her zoology reading. Mom, do you know … Continue reading

what I've learned

the education the kids don’t know that I’m getting

Home educating my kids is an education I get to experience. Don’t know how I did it, but when I went to school, I missed a lot. Did I miss more than the average person? I can’t really answer that as I am repeatedly hearing the identical message from other people, whether they had graduate degrees, … Continue reading

what we do

we built a telescope

…A cardboard telescope from a box… I’m not one for reading directions, but this activity struck me as a non-starter without them, as my telescope-building understanding is somewhere near zero. I own a telescope. And loved playing with it until we moved into a valley, where routine starwatching would require going out of my neighbourhood, … Continue reading


starting with a vision

Italia is a memory, a fairly recent memory–a 16 GB filled photocard, an addition to my rock and sand collection, and a few additions to my bookmark collection–but now a memory…a European adventure of my mind. Now is the season where adventures come primarily from books. Still in the stupor of jetlag, we began a … Continue reading

what I've learned / where we go

e’stato un piacere–arrivederci Italia

Second day of travelling… Three hours, waiting, in an airport. Reminds me of our return trip from Nairobi last spring. Arriving at Heathrow Airport, after nine hours on the plane, three days stopover in Paris, a Eurostar two hour train trip to London, we hoped for a smooth transition. We didn’t get it. We walked … Continue reading