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Leftover Thursday: put some MORE pork on your fork

Save money by recreating meat leftovers. They don’t just need to be rewarmed…though a week’s worth of rewarmed leftovers is a much-loved BUFFET line at my home. Leftover whitefish? Fish tacos! Leftover salmon? Salmon cakes with garlic aioli. Leftover ground beef? Nachos, tacos. Leftover chicken? Soup for lunch is the easiest. Any pre-flavoured Chicken can become … Continue reading

moving & May spring cleaning

moving & May spring cleaning

I’m hardly interested in spending my spare moments cleaning. And I’m definitely not interested in spending my writing time writing about it. As I sit beside my husband weeding through his single tote of memorabilia, handing papers and old cards to our son to go throw on the simmering firepit outside, I am reminded that the only … Continue reading


out of the mouth of babes: 8 year old reading lists…

Prescribed reading lists for kids…Yep, I do them. I require them to read particular books that I deem valuable, that I hope they will remember as part of their childhood memories, and begin to introduce good literature to their little minds. I’ve gone back and forth on this idea, because when left to their own … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a simple christmas…

Watching Santa greet kiddos at the mall, Zach wants to know: where’s the chimney for Santa to come down? He’s beginning to question the validity to all this stuff. At the Santa swim time…does Santa really look like that in a bathing suit? At the Santa skate….is he really that tall and trim just weeks before the big … Continue reading


you know you’re a homeschooler…

…when you’re learning geometry and volume with grapes, marshmallows and toothpicks …when you consider extracurricular activities like soccer, baseball or swim lessons PE class …when your four year old thinks he’s going to the same extracurricular activities as the twelve year old …your kiddos are sledding on the first snow of the year at 9 … Continue reading


Conquering Fractions

“If my tooth falls out first, you give me fifty bucks. If your tooth falls out first, I give you fifty bucks”. Four year old Zach is beginning to think like a statistician. He doesn’t know WHY the probability is in his favour though, but his instincts are likely correct. Giggles surrounded us on a … Continue reading