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You know you’re the mom at the Holydays when…

1. You’re doing laundry, because you ran out of dish towels, because… 2. You’re doing dishes, because… 3. You can’t bear the thought of kids’ mandatory chores on THIS one day of the year, Christmas. 4. You’ve become Christmas Santa and you now know it’s better than waiting for Santa. It’s the best job in … Continue reading

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my identity as a home educator

“So what do you really do?” How often I was asked that question in the first decade of my full-time parenting role. Four kiddos born within eleven years…I had a few things to do. So I was surprised anyone was asking what I really did. Like this parenting gig was a figment of my imagination. … Continue reading

family life

eatin out Saturday

It’s either the hubby gets to the kitchen for a night of eggs and pancakes, canned soups and biscuits or we’re going out. I LIKE to cook. Thankfully. Because I get a lot of time to do it. But sometimes I need a break. If cooking in doesn’t seem appealing, then Saturday night, we eat … Continue reading

family life

give a kid a pizza, feed him for a day; teach a kid to make a pizza, feed him for a lifetime

What’s your favourite fun food? I ask my husband who is a seasoned, fine dining connoisseur. His answer: peanut butter. As with all things on Fun Friday, food has got to be fun, but peanut butter is not on my schedule. On Fridays, the weekly schedule is finished, possibly even completed, and we’re¬†settling into a … Continue reading

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co-educating with daddy

It was a generous offer. Not one I have often chosen to take when offered. I knew I should have. I know I’m better for it. I know the KIDS are better for it. But my mother bear comes out in its fierce, protective, sometimes controlling¬†ways–and I don’t surrender my primary parenting role well. Two … Continue reading