eatin out Saturday

It’s either the hubby gets to the kitchen for a night of eggs and pancakes, canned soups and biscuits or we’re going out.

I LIKE to cook. Thankfully. Because I get a lot of time to do it.

But sometimes I need a break. If cooking in doesn’t seem appealing, then Saturday night, we eat out…

We go here….

1. Art We Are–or any café that serves organic soups made fresh daily, with healthy slices of cornbread and chocolate haystacks that are fresh out of the oven, and I’m pretty sure have the identical nutritional value as a seedy salad, cause they were made by loving hands with organic ingredients. The chocolate quinoa cake gluten-free and more chocoaltey than chocolate itself. I’ve said it before: I think thru should write a cookbook.

2. Origami–stack up your meat, noodle & veggie selection and watch the chef stir fry a little Teriyaki & soya sauce. Yum!

3. Taco del Mar–real Mexican food; or it’s easy to convince me it could be anyway. Fun for the kids, because mine will always eat a soft taco. Beans or stewed beef, this place has flavour, isn’t pricey and feels like something you might have made in your kitchen…without the effort.

4. Nando’s Chicken–South African in origin, or so we’ve been told, this place adds a hint of ethnic, in flavours you might not have tried before, and nutritious side dishes that you wouldn’t think to make in your kitchen, and all at a reasonable price for 6!

5. Rotisserie Chicken at the supermarket…with a nice loaf of bread and salad in a bag. Super simple.

Not here…

1. McDonald’s…even the salads don’t taste right. Why? How did they do that? And yes, I know what McDonald’s fries taste like fresh. Only adjective I think of is addictive. Like Lays potato chips. You know, their lattes are actually reasonable…don’t ask how I know…


Call me biased. This ain’t food. But if you see me here, don’t condemn me. I’ll confess: we’ve flown all the way to Las Vegas and Paris and found some of us chompin’ down within the familiarity of the big M.

Our kids were thrilled to bits when Grandma and Grandpa sent McDs Halloween coupons for Vaseline-infused ice cream, lard-laden potatoes, and shortening baked pies.

2. Anything with a drive-thru.…yet, occasionally we can be found at Arby’s. If it’s got a drive thru, that stuff has been deep fried in stuff not intended for humans.

3. North American Italian eateries…Italians don’t eat that much cheese, or even eat THAT much. To my utter surprise, obesity was not an issue in Italy. These people ate fantastic food, drank fantastic wine and were trim in their fantastic clothes. Of course, the cigarettes hanging out of their mouths kept them occupied…

4. North American Chinese eateries…Chinese don’t eat that much deep fried stuff. Only North American recreations add too much salt and oil.

5. Starbucks…don’t EAT at Starbucks. Besides being pricey, don’t consume their devilishly delightful pumpkin scones slathered in icing sugar that taste like that 1980s Philadelphia cream cheese commercials.


Don’t eat those crumbs that sit to the left of my tip tapping fingers on this Starbucks bar room table. Ya, don’t eat those…but if you do, save a few calories by drinking non-fat…ha ha, that’ll save calories…

6. Anything bought in the grocery store prepared food aisle. There’s enough salt in those boxes to melt the ice on my Canadian winter sidewalks. This alone, minus all the other non-pronouncable stuff, is reason not to eat it.

Having written these reviews, I irregularly need a dose of each of them to remind myself WHY I don’t want to eat them.

Oh, and, somehow, mama’s got to have a night off…