family life

You know you’re the mom at the Holydays when…

1. You’re doing laundry, because you ran out of dish towels, because…

2. You’re doing dishes, because…

3. You can’t bear the thought of kids’ mandatory chores on THIS one day of the year, Christmas.

4. You’ve become Christmas Santa and you now know it’s better than waiting for Santa. It’s the best job in the world…

5. You’re on the karaoke mic, bouncing to Selena Gomez’ ‘I love you like a Lovesong‘, then ‘retire’ after Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend‘…

6. You bend over to untie your snowboot and you’re hit in the butt with the new nerf gun.

7. For a few days in the year, you don’t care that gift wrap and ribbon and stray pieces of Lego adorn the living room floor, the kitchen floor, the bathroom floor…

8. You actually go outside to play in the snow, build snowmen and throw snowballs for FUN.

9. You tear up when you see the accumulation of December excitement culminate in half an hour of your kids gathering around the tree to GIVE their presents to one another, not just tear them open.

10. You’ve got a basket of mittens–the new, expensive ones are missing, but the ten year old, thumbs-almost-ripped out pink pair are still available for every occasion.

11. You’re explaining to your kiddo how Santa can get into the mall without a chimney. Or, you’re explaining how this is not Santa’s birthday, but it’s Jesus’ birthday we’re celebrating.

12. Bedtime lullabyes are temporarily suspended to listen to the iPhone version of Snow White Boomers.

13. You can’t wait until next year when you get to do this all over again–just 364 days till Christmas!

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