parlez-vous francais?

Unless we move to Quebec or France, I don’t expect my children will learn French fluently. When we lived briefly in Kenya, we came prepared with a travel language book on Swahili; but even the locals didn’t speak as the book suggested. I sat with the housekeeper at the end of her workday and had … Continue reading

mama self care

meditative affirmations for parenting

I might have thought it was hokey not too long ago. But I’ve come to accept that what I think is what I do. So on that thought, I share a meditation podcast through that encourages me to think like the kind of parent I want to be: “I’m a patient and loving parent. I … Continue reading

mama self care

2014 mantras

1. Live, don’t exist. Life is short. YOLO. Carpe diem. Whatever quip reminds me that my days are bookended by a start and an end, so I better make the most of this day. 2. Love like I’ll never get hurt. Or I’ll not really love from who I am, or receive it inside me either. … Continue reading