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2014 mantras

1. Live, don’t exist. Life is short. YOLO. Carpe diem. Whatever quip reminds me that my days are bookended by a start and an end, so I better make the most of this day.

2. Love like I’ll never get hurt. Or I’ll not really love from who I am, or receive it inside me either.

3. Be especially gentle to the ones I love. Ambition is overrated; harmony underrated.

4. Move past grief and capture each moment: Live in the present, it’s all I’ve got anyway.

5. Take lots of selfies. Or let the kids take them...cause they grow up too fast.

IMG_4867[1]  IMG_4876[1] IMG_4885[1]

6. Infuse the message to my children that they were loved before I had a hand in creating them, but even more after I met them and got to discover who they were, the fabulous and the unfabulous parts.

7. Be thankful for every player in my life journey–I have learned much from each person. Some have been outstanding examples of who I want to be, and some who I don’t want to be. Everyone who has crossed my path has shown me a little of both, in their unique ways. I accept that I do the same, and continue to gracefully accept that I have lots to learn.

8. Accept that just cause life ain’t perfect, seemless, fight-free doesn’t mean I haven’t loved deeply and lived purposefully.

9. Do what I love in integrity…not waste time doing things I don’t care about, and don’t do something because other people think I should, or because we’ll make lots of money, or because other people think we’re cool. Cause sometimes people are wrong, cause sometimes we might make money, or not; sometimes we will look cool, or not. At the end of the day, it is me, and the One that made me, that I have to live with.

10. Be real, and kind, to everyone, thinking the best of others–I don’t know the battle they’re fighting, and they might not know mine, but we all are. I was put on this earth to be me, not someone else. Whatever I am, whoever I am to others, will be reflected back to me…I sow what I reap.

I want to know what you think. Let me know.

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