where to do studies, or where to learn…

The study, of course. This would be the room with the shelves of Dear Canada novels and my collections of books for the prescribed reading lists, and math workbooks, and dictionaries, and you know, schoolish stuff. “Oh, this is your schoolroom!” I’ve heard this exclamation many times. It’s a lovely room: 1920s hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling … Continue reading

family life

kidisms: funny stuff they say….and sage advice too

1. “Ah, my little eight year old…” I held her hand as we walked the rounds at the indoor track. She patted my hand: ‘Ah, mommy,” she chimed back, “my little forty year old…”   2. Recognizing gender preferences in the church: “Mom, have you ever seen a wedding with a girl pastor?”   3. … Continue reading