kidisms: funny stuff they say….and sage advice too

November 2013 094

1. “Ah, my little eight year old…” I held her hand as we walked the rounds at the indoor track.

She patted my hand: ‘Ah, mommy,” she chimed back, “my little forty year old…


2. Recognizing gender preferences in the church: “Mom, have you ever seen a wedding with a girl pastor?”


3. Recognizing gender stereotypes: “You know, this book says girls have these things–he points to eyelashes–and boys don’t…That doesn’t make sense!!


4. Revealing low expectations:

In a discussion of a potential prize in Air Canada gift cards, I ask my son: “Where do you want to fly to Zach?”




5. I think this is wise encouragement, I think:

Moms are like turtles. As soon as they give birth, they tell them to go. Mom, you’re like a whale. You guide your kids to the surface to help them breathe“.


6. “Can you always be my lil boy?” I ask my son.

Matter of factly: “Oh, sorry. I’m gonna grow up and be a big man.”


7. High expectations:

What should we do tomorrow?”

Our twelve year old: “Paris is always a good idea…”


8. Ahhh, my poetess: “Autumn is a second spring–where every leaf is a flower…


9. After dropping the girls at voice class, I ask my son: “Do you want to go on a coffee date with me?”

He quizzically looks at me: “But I’m too young to go on a date–I’m just five & you’re twenty“.

Ha, you know it!


10. My five year old son asked me if he could pierce his ears…with all earnestness: “Please…I have sixty dollars!”

I respond, “You should go make your request to dad“.

I did, he told me to come ask you.”