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The call of the wild

What a cliche title. But I’m apt to suggest that there’s a reason cityslickers forgo their dishwashers & electricity for a bed on the ground with a view of the stars…the call of the wild. You won’t find me laying my head on a neckroll beside a campfire–them there’s for cowboys and black & white … Continue reading


terabithia: what most homeschoolers eventually do

Seems to me homeschool moms turn to one or all of the following EVENTUALLY during their home educating career: Have more babies than they thought they originally would. Burn out. Move to an acreage. Unschool if they thought they would never unschool. Traditionally homeschool if they thought they would unschool. Expect to do it perfectly the … Continue reading

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There’s this oxymoronic notion running in our culture that one must simplify to live a happy life. Did I say it was moronic? Or did I say it was an oxymoron? I think in my heart I think it’s both. Simplify. The word denotes ease. Simple living. Breezy, easy living. Sounds good, no? The notion … Continue reading