The call of the wild

What a cliche title. But I’m apt to suggest that there’s a reason cityslickers forgo their dishwashers & electricity for a bed on the ground with a view of the stars…the call of the wild.

You won’t find me laying my head on a neckroll beside a campfire–them there’s for cowboys and black & white flicks. But off to Creston Wildlife Center we did go.

We took the longest free north american ferry, only minutes from our home…



We hiked into the marshland…


Someone found a 4 inch long waterbug. Though the name sounds benign, waterbugs have the bite of multiple wasps, the guide shared. He was covered with a net, because he can also fly. Eww.

We searched itty bitty crawling things, slimy things like leeches and duckweed that we returned to the marshes…


We brought our finds under the microscope.


Zach was given a magnifying glass and a tape to discover what he could find in a 3×1 space…


Wet mud and grasses…next time.

We finished the day canoeing on the reserve.





“Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. Nature will never fail you”. Frank Lloyd Wright