family life

the family business

The family business(es) strongly impact the culture that our children grow up in. We influence how they think about their work, whether they put in a 9-5, do shift work, devote enough time toward a dream business where we invest our life’s savings and energies, or make enough for the grocery bill. We unintentionally teach … Continue reading


bears, butterflies and buds

As I sit in this vegetarian bistro and eat some stuff indiscernible in its curries and beans, I am surrounded by a tropical forest of oversized houseplants. Orange and green quadruple-tiered paper lanterns swing from the ceiling and I am unexpectedly lulled into considering a healthier lifestyle, a meat-free lifestyle. Or at least once a … Continue reading


Being a Fly on the Wall to a Homeschool Family’s Life

There’s nothing like overhearing a conversation in a coffee shop–no, not eavesdropping. If someone wants to talk about their son’s subpoena to court in a public place, or talking at full volume about their deadbeat children’s father, it’s not my fault. Since I don’t know them, they give me loads of fodder for fictional characters. … Continue reading


the fly on the wall–part #2

So the way that you’re suggesting to educate a child is to follow their interests. If you follow their interests, you might not cover everything that the school system covers. Are you worried about that? No. Not at all. No Barbara Walters, and you will not make me cry. No, I’m not, because content in … Continue reading