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Counselling 101: a Parent’s Most Important Skill

No, I’m not going to share my extended therapy sessions. Though that might make for gobsmackingly interesting, truth is stranger than fiction, remarkably-read articles. I’ll leave that for the novel. If there was any other skill we parents might learn before we begin this parenting trek, it would be this one…how to kindly, authentically, diplomatically … Continue reading


You know you have a homeschool mom when…

1. It’s July 2, and you’re asking if you can stop doing your math workbook. 2. Your mom is asking you to make lunch for your ‘classmates’. 3. Recess is walking to Starbucks to buy your mom a cappuccino. 4. You know how to use the cappuccino machine, and possibly also how to pour a glass of wine, … Continue reading

family life

those that go before us…

Our common heart cry–the pursuit of health and happiness. With different circumstances, different political or historical backgrounds, different characters, but throughout humanity, a similar plot. Characters in the backdrop of our lives shift and the plot of our lives don’t unfold like an organized story arc in a literary novel. Truth is stranger than fiction: our lives … Continue reading