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a six year old’s academic education: part two

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid“. Somebody exceptional said those words: Albert Einstein. There need be no standard education to which our children should be judged, for there is no standard child to whom we … Continue reading

homeschool planning / self-directed learning

structuring a thirteen year old’s academic education

Who is my thirteen year old? She’s a funny one. In a sassy, irreverent, sometimes offending kind of way. Thanks for the treats, she says to me. So good to move to a different town so you can bribe me with food to make me feel better. She knows me well. She is a quote collector. … Continue reading

homeschool planning / self-directed learning

structuring an academic education: a six year old

  You can’t teach the same way to each child. They’re different. And because I’m not enrolled in a provincial government program, I tailor my kids’ educational goals independently. So I’d like to introduce a case study, my six year old. He’s logically precocious. He has whipped me at chess since he was two and plays adults … Continue reading

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thrive, daily practicalities

Stuff I’m learning about thriving… 1. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier… I’m a midnight owl…because it’s quiet. I know that most of you know what I mean, because the digital world comes alive after the kids go to bed. But I love, love, love getting stuff done before nine, so early to bed tonight. … Continue reading

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what we really want our children to get from 2015

We all have blind spots– those aspects of our lives that might seem obvious to others but shockingly opaque to us. All of it, our children learn. The greatest things they learn from us are not taught by lecture, but the example of our lives. They are sent into the next generation, subconsciously mirroring our predisposition to their daily activities, … Continue reading

Christmas crafting
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Christmas crafting

  Why is it that crafts from Pinterest look nothing like what I make at home? I’ve tried all sorts of Christmas crafts, and pinned dozens of ideas. (And you can too, or see what I’ve tried.) The candy cane wreaths, the hazelnut glue-gunned squirrels, the present tags, the candy cane place cards, the reindeer … Continue reading