why we choose our homes

They say we choose the objects in our home, or the style of our home, because they remind us of a time we most enjoyed and a time we most want to capture.

A time when we nestled into grandma’s rocker beside the wood stove or under her handmade knotted patchwork quilt listening to her shuffling across the kitchen floor.

A time when we first came into some money and ordered the kitchen table. It sat six, perfect. The anticipation of the four kids was still just a twinkle in our eyes.

A time when we luxuriated in a kid-free weekend, enjoying the floor to ceiling views of downtown San Diego and across the bay.

A time when great grandma served us tea and Peak Freans on the tea saucer in her apartment kitchen at the lodge.

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We feel what we want to feel when we surround ourselves in the objects we choose. We are what we surround ourselves in.

Having lived in many homes, there are a 1001 reasons why one home is better to live in than another. But there is no perfect home.

In planning our new home, I gather ideas flipping through home design mags, Houzz, Pinterest and staring down the sightlines of friend’s homes.

Since I first began picking up my pencil to write in my tiny locked green diary, I also spent hours with pencil and ruler, drawing and redrawing my dream home. The process of thinking, rethinking, planning, and imagining entranced me.

We built a house eleven years ago. The big blue house. I liked to think of it as a farmhouse. I remember someone referring to it as the Connecticut Estate house. It was grander than I had intended.

Before I’d even placed a box on the verandah steps, my real estate friend suggested that the dining room would make a beautiful den for someone one day. No. I wouldn’t sell my dream home. Four years later, the sale sign was up.

Now I know. There is always the dream of the perfect home, the right amount of space, the right feel, the ideal furniture. However, the perfection remains in the dream.

As spring arrives, some of us are redesigning homes we already inhabit, building new ones, and some have spring cleaning ambitions hoping to reinvent our spaces. As we make our plans, join with me in a series in exploring the tenants found in CREATING THE NOT SO BIG HOUSE by Sarah Susanka–discovering what makes our homes the kind of place that we want to come home to.