creative life endeavors…have you tried writing?

“Writing is a hard way to make a living, but a good way to make a life.” Doris Betts 1. It gets you into coffee shops. 2. And when you’ve finished that single shot cappuccino, you gotta keep renting your seat. So buy a biscotti! 3. It gets you to see, really see, things around you. … Continue reading

home design

the Not So Big House: Interior Views

“Houses are usually designed to take advantage of outside views, with a lot of thought given to getting the windows in just the right places. But we also spend a great deal of time looking within the house, which makes the composition of interior views equally important. If these views are thoughtfully composed, the house … Continue reading


writing practice by Natalie Goldberg

This one contribution, to practice writing, has influenced thousands, maybe millions, in her book Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. 1. Keep your hand moving. 2. Don’t cross out (well that’s hard…might I add, don’t backspace, even harder). 3. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar. 4. Lose control. 5. Don’t think. Don’t get logical. … Continue reading

homeschool planning / self-directed learning / what is an education

5 suggestions about buying new curriculum

“…education doesn’t need to be reformed–it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.” Sir … Continue reading

home design

the Not So Big House: a place of one’s own

“Our houses are getting bigger in part because we have no place to get away to, no place to be by ourselves. Creating a small area for each adult to make his or her own, just big enough for one, can solve the problem. It can be a place for writing, for painting, for meditating, … Continue reading


balancing writing and family

I journalled since I was taught to print. I tried short stories in elementary school, and passed them around the social studies class for others to read, during class. Between my elementary short stories and my thirties, I took a long hiatus from story writing until I had a personal awakening, a coming of age? Then … Continue reading