creative life endeavors…have you tried writing?

Writing is a hard way to make a living, but a good way to make a life.” Doris Betts

1. It gets you into coffee shops.

2. And when you’ve finished that single shot cappuccino, you gotta keep renting your seat. So buy a biscotti!

3. It gets you to see, really see, things around you. First and foremost, writers are observers.

4. It gets you to observe why people do what they do. There’s always a motive. You will certainly never figure someone out–that person will never entirely understand the motive behind their behavior either–but you get to bemuse yourself with the whys.

5. It gets you to pay attention to the details of your senses…the cold tap of nippy fingers in the morning. How to describe colours beyond crayon names. How to describe a tree dancing, I mean, flashing, possibly tickling the clouds?

6. It gets you fancy pens and pretty journals. They’re part of your ‘work’.

7. It creates a margin around your mind and around your time. There’s a thinking, observing way of seeing the world. It’s meditative. Quiet. Peaceful. Re-creative.

Perhaps you have a different creative outlet. Are hot glue guns your passion? Watercolour? Sculpting fondant fuschias? What do you do to create?