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What I learned and where I learned it

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom. Exhibit 1…myself. Things I’ve learned recently… 1. Rutting–bananas and moose fights. Google that so I don’t have to write that down;) 2. Ratification of the American constitution…Virginia wanted more representatives so that the colony could institute that slaves be 3/5 of a person to gain more numbers. Wowsas. … Continue reading

what? nominated again? two times a charm…

what? nominated again? two times a charm…

Thank you, Lauren, at http://www.balloonsofhope.wordpress.com. Most appreciative of the second-time nomination. Love the Liebster! 1) If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Italy. Maybe Greece. I’ve been to Italy. I’d go again and again and again. There might be Italian roots in me that no one knows about. 2) What was … Continue reading

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we’re not moving to the burbs

Big machines are playing at our property. Where will we live? In the middle of nowhere, not far enough to go ‘off grid’, but not close enough to manage the road to town without a 4×4 in winter. We have enough rocks to make our own quarry…or hewn our own granite countertops? Not exactly environmentally … Continue reading


writing character–how real is real?

“My dear fellow, life is infinitely stranger than the mind of man could ever invent.” Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes As readers, we have to believe the unbelievable. Things made up are supposed to be ‘possible’. Truth is stranger than fiction though. Mighty hard to imagine sometimes. So we make things as they should be, … Continue reading

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You know you’re a homeschool mom when…

1. You go on a trip away from the kiddos and always return home with pencils and books. Keep it educational. 2. You lock your kids out of the house so they get fresh air. Or I’ll bet all moms do that? 3. You insist that you all sit outside in winter jackets on frozen … Continue reading

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liebster award: who me?

  I, too, want to thank the Academy (and Sarah from http://www.sarahonpurpose.com) for nominating me for this prestigious award. Every February, I’ve got my eyes fixed on the red carpet, staring at the new dress creations…those revealed navels, plunging necklines and bling bling bling. Yeah, so that’s not me (well it was in high school, … Continue reading