thoughtful Thursday: motherly wisdom, from mother Margaret

Use the talents you possess…for the woods would be very silent,

if no birds sang, except the best“.

Our first year married we lived four provinces from all things familiar. Margaret was a kind, interested woman at a bible study I attended. She was one of the first to be photographed with our baby daughter. She’d be the one woman who would correspond for over a dozen years, at least eight pages every¬†month. She’d be the internal motherly voice when my children were especially young. Encouragement and truth are what she’d share.

When I began writing, she would tell me that she liked how I wrote, that I had something to say, that I should keep going, keep writing.

What’s the point to my small stamp on the world?

She said it well–“Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best“.


There are the sparrow’s birdsong, the robin’s, and even the pullet’s. They all have a place.