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liebster award: who me?



I, too, want to thank the Academy (and Sarah from for nominating me for this prestigious award.

Every February, I’ve got my eyes fixed on the red carpet, staring at the new dress creations…those revealed navels, plunging necklines and bling bling bling. Yeah, so that’s not me (well it was in high school, but I digress). I resemble more of the Mindy Kaling splash, bling, vavoom..with unmatching, tired shoes (and only on Sunday)…glam me up with sunglasses and stud diamonds…plunging neckline? or is that a plunging chestline? plunging back? or plunging backside?

But I’ll get out my stemless glass and pour a little Malbec, dance around the living room to Pharrell and sing “I’m happy“, then try to mouth the words to Taylor Swift’s latest lyrics (the girls love her, and we’ll be seeing her in August), or how about a little Kesha. Did I write that down? Naughty. Okay, two steppin to some Randy Travis and Shania Twain…a throwback to our wedding. Whatever! I’m celebrating.

According to the Liebster, I get to share eleven random facts about moi, and nominate up to eleven more bloggers.

1. What are you most grateful for in your life?

Gee, that’s kind of difficult, cause I’m one of those people who are grateful for a lot of things, and talk about it repeatedly.

Perhaps, I’m grateful that I’ve learned, carpe diem is a truth and a necessity. Seize the day. In fact, seize the moment. Life is short.

2. Describe one of your happiest memories?

Uh, again, one?

Caribbean Sea, a huge white gazebo, me in a strapless chiffon dress, a double strand of pearls and a bouquet of purple lisianthus, dusty pink and burgundy roses. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I was pregnant… And we were renewing our vows, because we learned something about each other in our first four years: that we had hurts to heal, but we wanted spend our lives together.

3. How has your life been different than you imagined?

Funny that when I was a young child, I imagined myself being a doctor, marrying a doctor, having four children and building a house. I did nursing instead, but the rest actually happened. (The kid’s names changed–yes, I named them way back).

At 21, I thought I’d be a missionary to Africa and I’d never know more comfort than the 2 bedroom apartment I was living in.

I thought leaving home post high school, I could avoid conflict and pain. Cause I would know better than what I had watched.

I thought a profession, or marriage and family, being in the right church, right community would make me happy. Turns out, my life movie is played out in my mind, not defined by my circumstances or the characters on my stage. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”

4. How did you meet your husband?

Labour and delivery ward of a tertiary care hospital. No, I wasn’t having a baby. I was the night shift unit clerk during my nursing training. He was on his final rotation in fourth year medicine. Someone was misspelling his name, and everyone elses, on the whiteboard, in honour of Halloween. He came to ask me to change it. I’ve since memorized his name.

5. What is the kindest experience you have had?

Friends that have been there for me in the most painful moments of my life, and let me cry or yell.

You know who you are, and why you’re on that list…you make the most compassionate characters in my story. You spoke to me something I really needed, that I didn’t have alone in that moment. You reminded me, or showed me by your example, truth and grace.

And if you’re wondering if you are one of them, then yes, most certainly, yes, you are.

6.  Describe what you looked like as a kid. (Or post a pic)

A combination of my kids, ha. But really, I did.

May 18, 2015 071

7. What is your favourite dinner recipe?

I love cooking. I have many. Check my pinterest board:

8. What is your favourite smell?

Coffee? Lilac? No, wild roses…happy fragrant memories of childhood in northern Alberta.

9. What smell makes you gag?

I dunno, nothing. Built up an immunity being pregnant five times and travelling to Africa twice.

10. What are you most likely to be doing at 9 pm on a weeknight?

Possibly blowing kisses to my littles at the door of their bedrooms, pulling out the house plans, again, reading The Scarlett Letter with my girl or The Rosie Effect with my husband.

11. What would a perfect birthday gift be for you?

Lunch out with my family, fine dining dinner out with my husband, and a surprise overnight trip to San Fran to see Michael Buble, just for me and my husband. Oh wait, my husband really did plan that for me on my 40th!

I nominate…

*my daughter, Madelyn, at

*my poetic friend, Krina, at

*a fellow homeschooling dad in Australia at

* a passionate poet and photographer at

*a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom of seven at

*and Tracy, homeschooling mom of two and aspiring adoptive mom at

Here are your questions bloggers…

1. What got you into blogging?

2. What is your hometown, and where have you travelled?

3. What quote represents your philosophy in life?

4. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

5. What’s the last thing you do at night?

6. If you were an animal, what would you be, and why?

7. Why did you choose to have children?

8. What’s the ideal summer vacation location?

9. What was one of the most meaningful life lessons you’ve gained from one of the most difficult experiences you’ve had?

10. What are your goals for the year?

11. What is one of your happiest memories?




4 thoughts on “liebster award: who me?

  1. (tears, trips going up on stage, blushing so much blood gushes from nose …it happens, believe me 🙂 ) Well, I will do my best. I love the vow renewal — lovely. David and I have often said that getting married and saying vows at the beginning seems backward, there isn’t a better way but we really knew nothing at the beginning. 🙂 Thank you.

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  3. Wow, thank you! I just noticed the nomination. Starting to feel like some celebrity. 🙂
    Thank you again. By the way, I read all your posts, and keep intending to write up these long thoughtful comments, and never get to them. 🙂

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