minimalism in writing

Why learn adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases in grammar class? I do not know. When professionals teach writing, they repeat ‘delete, delete, delete’. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Write crap, or just write, because you’ll likely release some clever stuff. Later, cut out the junky stuff that doesn’t make sense or is cliché, and … Continue reading

family life

thoughtful Thursday: motherly wisdom, from mother Margaret

“Use the talents you possess…for the woods would be very silent, if no birds sang, except the best“. Our first year married we lived four provinces from all things familiar. Margaret was a kind, interested woman at a bible study I attended. She was one of the first to be photographed with our baby daughter. … Continue reading


the Not So Big House: how big is not so big?…a confessional

Once upon a time, when I had four children living with me (which wasn’t long ago, since one of them is playing at my feet and the others are at youth group…), I imagined myself stealing away from the world in a desolate North American, off-grid location with all four homeschooled kiddos and hospital-working husband living in … Continue reading