Broadway! So rotten, or Something Rotten!

Prepping for Broadway. This is a first… a Broadway production and Jim painting nails.

2015-11-11 09.56.51

Bring on the crowds on this Remembrance Day (oops, Veterans Day holiday). Someone asks in the theatre, “So, you came all this way for the traffic?” Indeed. People upon people. Makes you realize how small, how very small, you really are in the world.

2015-11-11 10.37.38

The theatre for Something Rotten was the backdrop for last year’s Academy Award winning Birdman.

2015-11-11 10.44.35 HDR

This was like Christmas morning for my husband. Loved watching him watch the colourful, most remarkable performances I have ever seen on stage. If you like Broadway, this production has written in all the mainstays, Les Miserable, Annie, Phantom of the Opera and Music Man, and a whole bunch other ones I didn’t know. Humour abounds nearly every line.

2015-11-11 10.48.12 HDR 2015-11-11 10.48.35

Afterward, Jim took the littlests to the largest toy store I have ever seen, I take the two oldest to the largest Sephora I’ve ever seen. And squirted perfume bottles, but bought nothing.

 2015-11-11 13.42.22 2015-11-11 13.48.37

What? Merlin and a dinosaur in a Toys R Us?

2015-11-11 15.34.21 2015-11-11 15.47.40  2015-11-11 15.48.24-1

This Time Square thing…with its glam, entertainment and toys–so bright, flashing advertisements that stop people in their tracks. Elmos and Spidermen, Pirates of the Caribbean and colourful, and gets our entire family’s attention.

2015-11-11 13.50.18                  2015-11-11 13.50.31