elf man: Santa’s little helper

Is Elf real? Is he not?

Our ten year old emphatically declares: “Mom, he’s still got his “Made in China” tags–he’s not real!”

2015-12-12 10.10.27

But still. Maybe he is.

How can mom, who moves the little fella every time the youngest is out of the room, believe he might be real? He’s reporting to Santa, the good and the bad. Though our kiddos have visited the big guy, sent their letters and called Santa directly (did you know if you call 411 for Santa’s number, the operator will kindly directly connect you?), there’s an inbetween guy, the Elf on our Shelf.

This little guy, Santa’s Elf, is attending to the details in our household. He’s the fly on our wall.

I don’t have time to consult my Christmas Pinterest board every time I move the little guy. Instead, I get my ‘child magic’ on and think what he might be doing next.

It took two days for my seven year old to buy into this little guy, but in a freak moment of indoor wind, this little Elf moved. He moved! Even I marveled.

Welcoming this little fellow into our home has added a little Christmas magic.

Where has our curious, mischievous little Christmas friend been?

2015-12-03 23.50.16

He arrived in the Christmas tree one morning.

2015-12-15 11.05.35

Eager to bake up a storm.

2015-12-15 11.06.01

Snow angels in the flour. My husband asks, “So who is supposed to clean up after Elf?”

2015-12-05 17.17.57

Elf is curious about Little Miss Christmas and our collection of Christmas books.

2015-12-01 22.50.42

A marshmallow bubble bath.

2015-12-16 13.47.05

He sat for a day with a skewer of marshmallows in front of the fireplace. Zach helped him out.

2015-12-19 15.21.20

He stowed away in the back of my jacket hood, elastic strapped to the mosquito swatter…he wanted to sled too.

2015-12-05 21.13.01

Naturally, he finds the Christmas candy.

2015-12-09 12.54.49

Eats the macaroons.

2015-12-21 10.17.58

Discovers long lost friends…

2015-12-21 10.19.14

And learns what the Best thing about Christmas is…

2015-12-05 17.18.25

Marveling at the gift of grace…

He might be yet another cultural foray into consumerism…did you know you can buy activity outfits for this guy? Still, he sure has been fun. Another element of Christmas fun, creating warm magical memories for our children’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!