my top five blogs in 2015

Looking back at this last year’s blog posts, I wouldn’t know how to summarize this year. Too much going on. Productive. Peaceful. Focused.

Every year is packed with so many big things. This year: a Superbowl weekend with my husband (my first NFL game watched from start to finish), a family trip to Georgia for the Dobrovolny family wedding, a surprise visit to Broadway in New York City, building our family home in the Kootenay Mountains of southern British Columbia. (You can find out more about these adventures at

“Oh you’re life sounds exciting,” I’ve heard plenty these last few weeks. It has its moments. But it is pretty ordinary at the best of times. Presently enjoying the last remnants of Christmas break, a snow shower on the dimming sky outside this rental home, awaiting our new home (and dishwasher) to be completed sometime this spring, three kids at playdates, the eldest still in a robe snapchatting beside me as we pretend to watch a new version of Romeo & Juliet on Netflix and hubby returned to a twelve hour day shift in emerg with a bad head cold. Next week we’ll begin formal studies again, extracurriculars start up again and our routine begins again.

The little things, the kids turning fourteen, twelve, ten and my baby turning seven, these might seem ordinary, but are magical and important in my world. They are the basis and backdrop to the most important part of my life.

So when I head to my blog summary page, I won’t be surprised that the most read posts are homeschool related. I share my top five posts with you, in hopes that you’ll be encouraged in your own family’s pursuits.

1. what’s the secret? the truth behind homeschool socialization…-socialization/

2. why I homeschool…y-i-homeschool/

3. you know you’re a homeschool mom when……chool-mom-when/

4. unschooling for the uninitiated…he-uninitiated/

5. two seasons in our home: formal studies and project-based learning…ng-unschooling/

May the 2016 New Year, be your best year!

“Inhale the future, exhale the past!”

–someone from Etsy