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new year thoughts: what other people think

Brene Brown bookResolutions can set our mind toward a direction, but we can write a list at the beginning of the year and entirely forget about the list by the end of January. Life gets in the way.

Above everything, our thoughts direct our path. Our thoughts tangibly consume the hours in our days. Though I’ve got a few goals for my family and myself, I want to continue daily renewing my thoughts so that I am enabled and inspired toward a path of growth and achievement.

One of the most repeatedly distracting ‘voices’ that distract us from our goals is the collective voice of what others might think. As a television actress, Lucille Ball had a lot of practice responding to other people’s opinions, and she learned, ‘not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters‘.

I would like to believe that everyone should like each other. A caricature of idealism I am in that. Here’s the irony in that statement: I don’t naturally like everyone either. I certainly want to. But entirely laid out before you, I just don’t naturally. Still, I know that we’re all a reflection of our Creator and therefore have intrinsic worth and inherent value. We should most certainly do our utmost to honour the Creator’s stamp in one another.

Still, when we highly attune our ears to others’ opinions, we do ourselves an incredible disservice. We waste time when we have goals to accomplish. Not sift through all the possible thoughts others may have about us.

We often give people more voice in our minds than we need to anyway. They are likely not thinking about us nearly as much we think. Nor do they often think that their advice is the gold standard to which we should live our lives. They’re just doing their best by adding their instinctive thoughts. But if people around us are heavily critical, why do we want them around anyway?

Do I really think that I can live in a world of a me-loving reality? Well, no. Despite having a million Instagram followers, not even Taylor Swift lives without naysayers. But would I purposefully surround myself in a world of naysayers?

In order to accomplish my goals this year, I’ll practice the mantra ‘not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters‘.

Yet, some people’s thoughts add salt and light into our lives — they’re worth pondering. Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection and Rising Strong, is definitely one of those voices for the mental pantry. Store those thoughts and be undergirded for living. If you haven’t sifted some of Brene Brown’s thoughts, I encourage you to stick around as I sift through her top seventeen list.


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