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skincare for the everyday woman

Look mom, no wrinkles. I’ll either have to invest in good skincare or keep this pose. So what is the best way to maintain skin health and youthfulness?

Skincare for the everyday woman…is that cliché?

Here’s what it means in my world. The woman that doesn’t have to put on skin cream. There’s no suit wearing every morning. No designer clothes waiting in her closet anticipating a day of boardroom meetings. The only room meetings are in her homeschool room. And she might not need to change her clothes from one day to the next. Six figures aren’t in her personal bank account, but there might be six figures on her kids’ math homework.

In anticipation of learning a thing or two about skincare for the everyday woman, I interview skincare connoisseur, Derian Young, about her expertise in the skincare, for the everyday woman.

Confessional: I’m a damp facecloth, facial washing, once-a-day kinda woman. I’ll smear an all-day moisturizer with SPF 15 once a day, probably in the morning, after the facecloth. Occasionally in the shower, I’ll scrub with some sort of beaded cleanser. Why isn’t that enough?

For some people, that may be enough! But for the unblessed majority of us–it simply isn’t. Think of it this way: your face is quite literally at the forefront of your day. It’s getting whipped with dirt from the wind, covered in sweat, touched a hundred times by our hands covered in who knows what. Our faces get beat up and require tender loving care.

I gobbled up Seventeen magazines when I was, well seventeen. Skincare was really important then, especially as one blemish compelled me to come up with reasons to skip school. I even thought the quintessential skin care program started with a C…Clinique. Perhaps because I generally couldn’t afford Clinique at that point in my life. So it was unreachable…must have been better than anything I could find in the drug store. What are your thoughts on the department store products?

Department store products can either be amazing or the exact same thing you would find at the drug store, only for double the price. There are some high quality product lines that can be found in department stores. I always say to research your products before making a purchase and read the ingredient list. The internet is packed full of great information.

And now that I can afford to buy quality skincare products, I tend toward drug store varieties. As inexpensive as I can find them. What do you understand about drug store skincare products?

Price point almost always reflects quality. Drugstore varieties, while cheap, are that way for a reason. Fillers, heavy fragrances, surfactants….just yuck. So while our wallets may feel better, our skin won’t.

I’m in my early forties, I’m seeing smile lines. Ha, no I’m seeing frown lines too. Besides becoming so Zen that I choose to be expressionless, or dabble in Botox, what can I do to decrease my fractured facial lines?

Anything relating to our bodies: start from the inside out. Lots of water! Get your full 8 hours of sleep! Eat your leafy greens! As I get older, I realize all the things our mothers harped at us actually hold some truth. On the outside: Vitamin E is your friend. Find an oil-less serum packed full of vitamins.

On my eldest daughter’s thirteenth birthday, we took a trip together to mark her entry into womanhood. Cheesy, I know. But it’s a real thing around thirteen isn’t it? I, as a parent of the same gender, took her on an introduction to womanhood (hahaha she would hate reading this paragraph…big roll of the eyes). Not that adulthood requires big department stores, but we walked into an upscale department store, the kind that requires a credit card or a three figure entry purchase for facial wash, and I showed her how to get an attendant’s attention. “Walk like this,” I instructed, “and they will come ask if we need some help.” And they did. Attention we got. And then I walked out of there with a triple digit purchase of skincare product. Goes to show: acting haughty can be expensive. Still, they were great products, and they lasted a long time. Do you think these purchases are worth the expense?

Absolutely! I find that typically the higher price point products DO last a long time. Not sure if some kind of sorcery or what buy you are paying for the quality. While we usually walk away with serious buyers remorse, we quickly see how a company that takes the product seriously and ensures top notch quality is worth it. Again, do your research, ensure it is not glorified drugstore products and you are gold.

What do you like and why do you think it’s a better choice?

For the longest time, I was a lazy skincare person. I only ever washed my face in the shower and used incredibly harsh drugstore brands. I ignored the fact that the searing, rash feeling I got upon exiting was not the product “really getting in there” and perhaps rather my skin silently screaming to stop. Once I got older and started wearing more make-up, I realized I should really start taking better care of my face. And so, like I always do before making any sort of decision, I researched. I was already selling a skincare line through my company but that didn’t matter to me. I wanted to be sure and I ended up liking what I found!

Little known fact: When reading the ingredient list on anything, the first ingredient is the strongest component and the last is the weakest. With both of Younique’s skin cleansers water is the very first ingredient. Add in the fact that they are pumped full of natural ingredients like coconut oil, gingko, and aloe vera…I was sold. I’ve found my skin is more hydrated now than it has ever been. So long flakey forehead.

Our skin is our most exposed organ. Would you neglect your kidney? No! Give that beautiful skin some love and it will thank you down the road! I really tired to make that sound as least Buffalo Bill-esque as I could but well…here we are. Put the lotion on the skin, cleanse and moisturize daily, and use a mild exfolliant only once a wee (if it has apricot pits or uses nuts of any sort–toss it. Trust me.)

You can learn more about Younique’s products at Derian’s website…



One thought on “skincare for the everyday woman

  1. Here’s a tip for wrinkle free skin: sleep on your back. Sure wish I had thought of that 30 years ago LOL!


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