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summer homeschool ideas: what is an education in summer?


Though I have learned to let go of the notion of intentional educational opportunities in the summer, because as a near decade long homeschooler this mama has to take a break. Still, I see the education in most activities.

Here are things we do in the summer, and how you might think of them as educational:

  1. Kids’ summer business. The girls’ day camp is open for business. They’ve had business before they’ve placed posters around the neighbourhood. Learn to advertise, using posters and bulletin boards? Check. Learn to transact business? Check. Learn to organize cooking lessons, science experiments, outdoor games, trips to the zip line and beach, and board games? Check. July 2016 088
  2. Theatre participation. This is an annual theme. If we aren’t learning to memorize Hamilton’s many catchy numbers, someone is memorizing lines and songs and blocking numbers for the latest community production. And when we’re not in a production, we’re watching one. Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat is playing in a theatre near us this weekend!
  3. Botany. In some form or fashion, we do a little gardening together. None of my kiddos have the same passion for botany that I do (which means I have a built in quiet space), but I do insist on projects occasionally for two reasons: 1. get your hand in the dirt, commune with nature and learn family project work. Wait, no, that was three reasons.
  4. Nature study. A little different than botany, cause there’s more to outside than gardening projects. An inevitable pursuit as we are building our own mini ‘provincial park’ is learning what’s edible, and what’s not. We’re watching osprey and robins nest in our riverside yard. We’re watching bugs and smashing granite rocks and gathering firewood and foraging for saskatoons, wild sarsaparilla and marion berries.June 2016 091
  5. Crafting. Not every one of us is crafty. One of us likes creating clay stones and clay bracelet charms. I like house decorating and finding a way to make pinterest projects a real possibility in my house and garden. Sometimes the kids join me in the homeschool room to paint by number or free paint on dollar store canvases.

    Our resident chemist making goo.           Cracking the rubix cube code.

  6. Cooking. I’ve got pain du chocolat on my list (though my thirteen year old daughter has beat me to that too). There’s also a new Italian family cookbook that must be tested. And these are just my ideas. My kids have more than me. Thankfully, cooking never gets old, and at least one kiddo is eager to keep the bakery bursting.July 2016 001She made them before I did, and they were so good. Chocolate croissants, yum!

  7. Animal collecting. We adopted a part-Siamese kitty with bright greenish-blue eyes. There is debate on his name. ‘Oliver’ for the colour of his fur, or ‘Neptune’, for the colour of his eyes. I call him kitty. We have another little girl kitty as of yesterday. The girls are thinking they’ll name her after Taylor Swift’s kitten, Meredith (a name I considered for one of my children).July 2016 091

Everything is educational. New experiences, new people, new places. New books and new interests. And summer activities are guaranteed to be bathed in fun.

What are your pseudo-educational plans for the summer?

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