food for creative thought: mark twain, on productivity

July 2016 006.JPGThe secret to getting ahead is getting started…” Mark Twain has been quoted to say this. And they say Agatha Christie has too. Either way, they both did a lot of writing. And that quote applies to everything we do in life too.

The secret to not getting ahead is fear. Fear stalls the getting ahead. We don’t do because we’re afraid but we’re never going to get ahead if we never do. So sometimes we leave our life goals in the place of our mind.

I know that fear has still not left me despite solidly crafting a fictional world, made up characters, and a plot that hasn’t existed before–or at least doesn’t exist in a world I know. I’ve got under a 100,000 words now, snippets of stories and am presently molding then into cohesive form. And I’m still scared to write.

What if it doesn’t make sense?

What if it is mediocre?

What if no one will want to read it?

And what if no one will give me the opportunity to publish it anyway?

These thoughts haven’t disappeared as I’ve continued to sit in front of this hp EliteBook.


I’m not exceptional in my courage. And I’ve learned I’m also not exceptional in my fear.

I have one simple vision: I have wanted to write a book as long as I can remember. So now I will do it.

I don’t tell myself not to be afraid. I don’t tell myself I have succeeded if I have offers to publish before it’s completely written. Or even if I finish this monstrous 100,000 word novel before my last child graduates. I tell myself I have succeeded in the mere act of following through (Or realistically, whenever possible, but definitely regularly).

And now you’ll have to excuse me, because I am going to go do it right now…