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the homeschool room

It’s butter yellow. With a great big red industrial light smack dab in the middle of the room. A desk on the side for moi and a slide-out drawer for oft-used printer (love love love having the printer beside me). Can we say latin pop quizzes? On-line printables? And stuff I print during morning studies cause I forgot yesterday.

There’s a gigantic doored closet with cupboards galore for every valuable science encyclopedia, microscope, Usborne history book and French book that I have collected in my ten year old library. And I have many books, despite purging many at every move. I put an electrical plug at the bottom of this cupboard where a pencil sharpener and CD player are ready to go for a morning of activity. 

It’s yellow isn’t just from the walls but the morning to afternoon sun beaming through the windows. In the splash of morning sunlight, I feel energized to get going. One of my girl’s friends says that yellow stimulates brain power, so I’ll take it. july-2016-033

It’s a warm alternative to the rest of the house anyway. It’s pretty clear on entering our home that I like blue. Blue is the fluidity of water. Blue is calm, cool, ease. Blue is impressionist watercolours: Monet and Renoir. Might be why I’ve nicknamed our home Giverney of the Mountains. Blue is the perfect backdrop for greens and yellows and reds. So the sunny yellow of the kids’ study offers variety.


One window faces northeast, providing morning sun and a view of the natural pond only a half dozen feet from the house. My desk window faces southwest, framing the front verandah and at the end of the verandah, the walk down to the river, the island just a hundred feet from our riverfront property, and next year, a view of our fenced vegetable garden. The windows to the south face the driveway and the towering coniferous Kootenay mountains and most of the days’ sun.


Three wood bookshelves house our favourite storybooks, books we’ve read, books we want to read, books we want to pass down to the next sibling: the abridged and non-abridged versions of anything Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Charles Dickens. There are the series of the Littles and Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Canadian Girl series, and Magic School Bus. Now they’re loving Bridge to Terabithia, Number the Stars, and Swiss Family Robinson.


The recently cleaned fish tank sits lower beside the bookshelf. The fish have a new view. They get to see the kids practice Latin or French, build spelling words with All About Spelling tiles, or gaze at the kids’ artwork hung on the wall. When, in spring, I wrote a first draft of this blog, these fish were mostly busy at making fish babies; now it’s almost autumn, and they’re eating them instead.


It’s nine o’clock. Time to get started…



7 thoughts on “the homeschool room

  1. Lovely to see your homeschool set-up and atmosphere! I just showed it to A. as we sit at our yellow, sun-kissed kitchen table 🙂 Waving from one homeschool setting to another across the mountains. Have a wonderful new year of learning, exploring and discovering together.


  2. What a beautiful room! It is so nice to have a pretty, organized space to do school. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it. Love to your family from the Bylsmas in Kamloops!


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