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funny stuff on a less than stellar day

I have no discernible reason, other than a wee bit tired, but I am just not in my groove. Maybe I got woken earlier than I’d like, but if you knew the not-so-early hour that I was awoken, sympathy wouldn’t be a natural outflow.

So I’ll just have to lighten myself with a few blasts from the funny past.

We moved this year, so we did a lot of culling. Someone had a hard time getting rid of Barbie clothes that she hasn’t used for the past…actually, a lonnngggg while, like a really long while…instead, I just tucked that Golden Girl Barbie and her glittery glammy outfit into another tote and might play with them again with the grandchildren.

I overheard my twelve year old daughter explaining to her six year old brother the worst part of delivering a baby: potential anal fissures. That cracked me up.

Coming home from soccer camp, my seven year old tells us he was on the US team. “Do you know mom, everyone hates our team because of Donald Trump? This boy didn’t know who he was though–I told him he’s a guy that wants to build a wall”.

Choosing between mom’s opinion of the meaning of a word and dad’s opinion of a particular word, one of the kids says, “I’d go with dad — his mind is like a dictionary”.

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people,” says seven year old Zachary.

I also overheard, “Destiny is a matter of chance”. (Is that possible?)

One of the kids overheard schooled kids talking at her youth group, so had to ask me about it. “Mom, what is home room?” A sign your kids are homeschooled.

Our kids like to play Chopped, similar to the television show, minus many fancy ingredients. One night I overheard  a discussion at dinnertime about someone’s dessert plans: “No, I think wasabi meringues and cookies are not a good idea.” Indeed.

These moments to remind me how much fun there is to be enjoyed when spending my days with my kids. But tonight, I’ll get more sleep…

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