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the influencers: the people

Every person is an influence. Each person a character in our life stories. Each represents different things at different times in our lives, if we know them long enough.

Sometimes we experience them like characters in a book, remembering them in a significant moment but forgetting daily experiences we had with them, like being awoken with a song every morning before school, or each time we were greeted by our grandmother after a long car trip to her home.

We might have enjoyed a fantastic meal on our twentieth birthday with a bunch of friends, wandering the local legislature grounds, photographing ourselves in cozy winter jackets, then twenty years later, remembering one of those women as the ‘girl I once knew’, the one that taught me confidence. She walked into a room and invited charm. She didn’t slam the ones she didn’t like. She didn’t work hard to gain their attention either. She was confidence.

Each person represents a theme in our lives.

The nurturer. She looked into my eyes. Stroked my face. Told me I was worthy of being loved. That I have value just because I was created.

The revolutionary. The one that speaks the truth. Before I owned that truth, I knew it deep inside. But this one, he said it out loud. The truth that required a shift in my pursuit of life.

The mirrored wall. I saw what I didn’t want to see in her. And when I went at the wall, I threw myself hard at her. She didn’t let me do it without recourse. I got hurt more than once at this wall. But it revealed I was just looking at something I didn’t want to see in the mirror.

The villain. The one that hurt me so bad I didn’t know how to get back up again. That knocked the happy out of me. That made me terrified. Enough unhappy and enough fear that my default setting became a compassionate heart, and a steely unwillingness to live in fear.

The co-travelers. Our stories aren’t the same. Names are changed for the purpose of commonality. The co-traveler is walking the same stories with me. Different scenarios, different characters, but similar themes. They help me know that everyone is on that path. Travelling toward truth, and happiness.

From the mother of all influencers (or father…)influence-quotes-2

Who are your influencers?




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