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It’s the morning mantra we’ve been saying together before our studies begin. The kids have their version of sign language to accommodate these words. Sounds like a familiar Bible verse, reminding us to think on pure, kind, lovely thoughts.

They say we have 50,000-70,000 number of thoughts per day. Though that sounds like plenty of thoughts, but I know that some of them are not all that inspiring.

“Remember to take the B12.”

“Get the kids to take their Vitamin D.”

“How’d this plate break?”

“Could you please stop fighting already?”

“Oh my goodness, he’s growing up…my baby’s growing up!” (this thought occurs every November 7–my baby’s 8 btw).”

We usually repeat many of our thoughts throughout our lifetime. Or some variation.

“She’s driving me nuts.”

“I really need to stop eating Halloween candy.”

“I should really go to bed earlier.”

So many thoughts, so little time.


I’ll just repeat those thoughts tomorrow. Hahaha.

Whether it’s my inborn predisposition to think about the world a certain way, or a particular traumatic event that changed the course of my thought life, or the culture that I live in, or being convinced by someone to approach something a certain way, or me fulfilling my astrological tendencies or my Meyers Briggs personality type, I don’t often spend time thinking about how I’m affecting my own thinking.

I could think differently about pretty much anything in life. I have learned this by talking to other people that don’t think like me. Which has happened a lot, since I have…

a. travelled plenty

b. enjoy listening to people’s stories, especially people that don’t think like me

c. and I also fulfill the Sagittarius tendency of sharing my opinion openly.

All this to discover, that people think differently. Sometimes profoundly differently. Yet those people still want the same things.

There were three pretty profound questions I first heard through a Daniel Amen book about Brain Health, that made me question all my negative feelings.

Really? All of them, you ask. Actually, yes. (though sometimes I forget to ask them).

First question: “Is what I’m thinking true?” Usually, I’d answer, “Yes of course”, at that question; why else would I be thinking it if it weren’t true?

Second question: “Can I, with one hundred percent certainty, know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my thought is true? What if it were different than I think?”

Hmmm, maybe that would change the outcome to the assumption. Okay, you have me thinking about other possibilities now.

But the third question is the clincher: “What if there is a different way of thinking about things, and the correct thought is something very different. How would a different thought affect how I approach my situation and how might that affect the outcome?”

I later discovered these questions were not unique to the famous brain doctor (Daniel Amen). They were part of a psychological approach to cognitive therapy. Psychology stuff. Therapy stuff. Stuff you pay a hundred bucks for.

Now that I have written these thoughts about thinking in this blog, I must add, that sometimes you just need a friend. Or a hundred bucks an hour therapist. To process some of the stuff in your head. And the hundred bucks, or even thousands, is well worth the financial investment.

But, food for thought: Our thoughts influence our practical, tangible experiences. Above every person in my sphere and every book I have read, my thoughts influence me the most.

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8




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