top 8 homeschool blogs 2016

Even I’m curious. What are people reading? I add to the hosts of bloggers who have gone before me: I am always surprised at the most engaged blog posts. I am learning about you readers!

My top ten posts for 2016 are, not surprisingly, discussions on homeschooling. One of my favourite topics to chat over coffee too. This lifestyle kinda fell in my lap rather unexpectedly. You can read about that here:

The efforts expended to maintain this lifestyle have not fallen in my lap. Every effort invested in my kiddos has been the best kind of investment with the greatest return. Good thing, because I’ve invested in a LOT of shares. I’m thankful for what the homeschooling lifestyle has facilitated in my family, but I’m most thankful for my kiddos.


1. It does not come as a surprise that homeschool folks want to hear stats about their family’s lifestyle and educational path. You’ll find that here:

2. When we moved to our new home in spring, I was thrilled to share our new study space. Butter yellow with a red industrial light and views to the river (not that we always do our studies here, of course):

3. We live in British Columbia, Canada. Every province and state has different expectations of their home educators. Here’s what’s up in my backyard:

4. Our homeschool plans for 2016-2017 year for our kiddos:

5. How to approach balance in the homeschool family. Can it be done? It takes work to move the balance on the scale. But I testify, balance is one of the most satisfying aspects of this lifestyle:

6. Second to questions on homeschool socialization, are questions on the ability for homeschoolers to approach academics effectively. Stats on homeschool academics are found here:

7. Homeschool: The Traditional Season is found here: We don’t follow the school season in the brick and mortar schools typically. We follow our family rhythms. We also approach homeschooling academics differently in different seasons.

8. Ironically, my favourite blog post of the top posts is number 8. Ironically, because I’m talking about failure: Render your frustration with your failures, and you have freedom to do anything.

It’s been a pleasure to engage with you this past year. In the comments section, I’d like to hear more about what topics you’re most interested.

Thanks for a wonderful year!